Let your child learn from most successful maths system in the world!

Singapore has gained worldwide recognition for its unique and revolutionary maths curriculum, that saw its students being ranked amongst the highest in the world for maths. Now your child can learn these skills too!

What is Singapore Maths?

This stand-alone curriculum or supplement to an existing school programme has seen effective results for all that try it!

Although many countries acknowledge the importance of problem solving in maths, Singapore has embraced this as the fundamental requirement when teaching maths. This is why Singapore has developed methodologies to effectively give its students the tools that are needed to become proficient problem solvers in maths and in all other aspects of their lives.

Singapore's Unique Techniques

Bar Model Method

Bar modelling is used as a visual approach to problem solving, allowing your child the ability to understand, interpret and conceptualise word problems.


The Singapore Maths program has found visualisation to be a much more effective tool compared to comprehension alone when decoding critical information in problems. Based on Singapore’s overall success, this decoding process proves transferable to other aspects of life

CPA Approach

Your child will engage in fun activities using concrete experiences to connect mathematical concepts with real-life experiences (Concrete). The second step is to relate their newfound knowledge to pictures (Pictorial) and lastly to progress to the use of numbers and formulas (Abstract).

Singapore Maths is results driven

According to results of the two most reputable education studies in the world: TIMSS (Trends in International Maths & Science Study) and PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), since 1995, Singapore Maths continues to be recognised as the most successful national maths program in the world. The studies are based on more than 600,000 students in over 60 countries worldwide.

Singapore Maths system

Take a look at how the Singapore Maths system works through these tutorials

How our lessons work based on the Singapore Maths System

We customise the program to the child's level and pace. Lessons are 1 hour a week with a maximum of 6 children in a session.

Concrete Aids

Firstly, trainers will use concrete aids that explain the weeks content encouraging discussion, involvement and exploration.


Secondly, students then start with worksheets under close supervision and complete them (or any extra worksheets) at home.


The next week students then hand in completed worksheets to be marked and graded.


At the end of the month/term a report will be issued with results. If not completed, students will complete additional worksheets until ready to move on.

Move On

If completed satisfactorily, students will then move on to the next lesson which gradually will get more difficult.

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